Other Work

In addition to the line drawings for his Canal Guide, Killiam produced numerous drawings, illustrations, and photographs throughout his life.

Architecture always played a central role. He photographed thousands of ornaments and plaques in Amsterdam, adopting a variety of themes.

From 1979 onwards, Killiam created an annual ‘Easter Puzzle’ for the Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool, encouraging readers to take a puzzle-based tour of the city and get to know its historic center. In his final Easter Puzzle (2011), the readers had to look for images of Mercury, who was the Roman god of trade, among other things. Killiam thought up this Easter Puzzle format himself and also did the photography.

Besides publishing his books and postcards, Killiam also developed a whole series of products such as posters, mugs, tee-shirts, placemats, ties, and comforter covers, all with Amsterdam’s canal-side houses as the unifying visual theme.