Tim Killiam PRIZE 2023

Artist Arie Schippers is the very first winner of the Tim Killiam Prize

The jury  for the Tim Killiam Prize  has selected Arie Schippers (Rotterdam, 1952) as the winner of its very first prize.

The Tim Killiam Prize is an initiative of the Tim Killiam Foundation, which manages the estate of architect, draughtsman and photographer Tim Killiam (1947-2014). Among his many achievements , Killiam was the creator and publisher of the Amsterdam Canal Guide.

The annual prize includes a cash prize of €15,000 and is intended for creative people who have made an original or valuable contribution to the image of Amsterdam. There will also be an annual exhibition linked to the award to introduce the public to the winner’s work.

To mount this exhibition, the Tim Killiam Foundation has entered into a three-year partnership with the Canal Museum Amsterdam.

From the jury report:

‘The first Tim Killiam Prize should be made to a creator whose work is distinctive and who will grab a traditional subject such as the Amsterdam cityscape by the throat . Who is not afraid of the raw reality of the city. The jury found those qualities in abundance in the work of Arie Schippers.’

Most of Arie Schippers’ Amsterdam cityscapes were made in the period 1994-2001. Schippers  will also be creating some new work for the exhibition in the Canal Museum Amsterdam.

The Tim Killiam Prize 2023 will be presented on 2 March 2023 in the Canal Museum Amsterdam during the opening of the exhibition.

The board of the Tim Killiam Foundation consists of: Vincent van Rossem, Rolf Unger and Gus Maussen.

The jury for the Tim Killiam Prize 2023 consists of:

  • Annemarie de Wildt, Curator, Amsterdam Museum
  • Sjoerd Soeters, Architect, Partner PPHP
  • Hans Aarsman, Photo Detective
  • Edwin Becker, Head of Exhibitions, Van Gogh Museum
  • Martijn Bosch, Director, Canal Museum Amsterdam