Tim Killiam Prize 2024

The Jury of the Tim Killiam Prize has selected Chad Bilyeu as the winner of the second edition of the prize.

The annual prize includes a cash prize of €15,000 and is intended for makers who make an original or valuable contribution to the image of Amsterdam. There is also an exhibition linked to the prize, to introduce the public to the work of the winner. To this end, the Tim Killiam Foundation has entered into a partnership with the Grachtenmuseum Amsterdam-Museum of the Canals in Amsterdam.

From the jury report:

“Chad Bilyeu offers a new perspective on the city and, as an artist, has a strong and completely unique signature. His stories provide insight into the way newcomers see the city, but also hold up a mirror to Amsterdammers themselves.”

The jury of the Tim Killiam Prize has stretched the concept of ‘image of Amsterdam’ to the maximum with the presentation of this second edition of the prize. Where the winner of the first prize, Arie Schippers, describes the cityscape of Amsterdam.

literally broadened by portraying the frayed edges of the city, Chad Bilyeu does this figuratively. It is not so much the outward appearance of streets and buildings that he portrays, but what strikes him – born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, USA – in his new home.

The Tim Killiam Prize 2024 will be awarded on Thursday 18 April at the Canal Museum during the opening of Bilyeu’s exhibition. The exhibition runs until 30 June 2024.